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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I know that there are a lot of options out there and I appreciate you taking the time to see if I may be a good match for the therapeutic relationship. My role is to help you work through those problems that are hindering you from being truly happy. I will help you to identify your personal goals, draw from your strengths, identify faulty thinking, help you identify choices that meet the goals you currently seek to make you more satisfied in life. Some of the areas of strength that we can explore include your family foundation, your spiritual beliefs, and your personal talents. Most of the time, there are more strengths than you realize when they are looked at from the outside.

A lot of times people talk about a change in mood when entering counseling. They feel depressed, angry, frustrated, anxious, or misunderstood about a particular part of life. We will look at the way you thinking and act in certain circumstances to identify how things could be better for you. The research shows that by the changing of thinking and behavior to meet more of your goals, there is a positive reaction with improved mood. This is the focus of my belief on how to help you achieve better happiness with your life situation.

Many people have faulty beliefs about their current situations. These beliefs or behaviors worked in the past but are not working for them now because situations have changed. I will help you clearly identify what is not working for you. Then we will find beliefs that work in your current situation to get you to a better place.

These sessions are focused on your needs and goals. I work within your personal situation and we will create a program designed for your unique needs. I try to keep in mind your family situation (married, children, empty nesters, etc), your personal goals (are they attainable, what would be needed to reach these goals), and your spiritual needs (if you have a personal belief that should be a contributing factor and be a source of strength in the session).

Again, thank you for taking the time to find out a little about me. I hope that you find someone that will help you to find the insight to make meaningful changes in your life!

Todd Sluder M.A. LPC
301 South Sherman St #202 Richardson, TX 75081
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